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Time moves fast. Really fucking fast. Day after Day. Kilometer after Kilometer. I've seen so much different beauty of nature. I met so many different people with completely different histories of life. I slept every day at a different place. In the beginning it was difficult , because I did not know the procedure yet. After 37 days of travelling I feel strengthened and weakened. I am ready to say that I love and know myself. I know what I want. I know who I am and who I want to be. I know my body better than before. I ride my bike 60-120 km every day. I change places every day. I have to say goodbye every day. I adjust to new people every day. I see new things every day.

I've learned many new qualities.

I've grown from weakness. I know what it means to deal with yourself. And it feels good. Don't be afraid of what might happen in the future. Don't be sad what happened in the past. Don't let negative thoughts any space to grow up. Take the time you need. Somehow everything in life seems to blend in, if you gonna start it to call your own life. Breathe deep. If the sun is always shine in you and you choose the right way from the jungle you'll earn a lot of good things in life. It is not easy all the time, but we have the chance to do so many things. We're allow to do the things we want to do. There's no shame in wanting to start over anytime. You're the king or the queen of your own life.

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